Bodybuilding Book - Break The Code by Chris Wormley

Groundbreaking Bodybuilding Book – Break the Code

The definitive bodybuilder’s guide to pharmaceuticals, nutrition, supplements and training.

A TOTAL blueprint to surpassing genetic limitations using cunning chemistry and superior science.

About Break the Code

We all know genetics play a major role in bodybuilding and strength sports and that certain athletes have a head-start before they even touch a weight. Those of us less blessed can make up for lack of superior genetics with hard work and dedication that is true, but only up to a certain point.

But what would happen if we could re-program our God-given lot through the use of advanced pharmaceuticals, efficient training protocols, superior nutrition and precise supplementation as well as grit and determination? You would break your own genetic code, that’s what.

This bodybuilding book isn’t like others written on this subject. It doesn’t just look at a single facet of the bodybuilding sport such as physique/ performance enhancing drug use, nutrition, supplements or training, it examines all these factors to a level beyond any previously covered.

Message from the Author

“I can hear them all now… ‘Why do I need to buy a bodybuilding book on physique enhancing drug use, nutrition and training when all the information is right there on the internet for free?’

Whilst true the internet contains a wealth of data on more or less anything you need to research, when it comes to anabolic help one has to be very careful as much of the info found on the web is misrepresented, misquoted, twisted and oftentimes plain wrong… particularly on forums where members sometimes seek notoriety from the made-up ‘secrets’ they claim to know.

Want the secrets? There are none…but if you want a bodybuilding book that is a reference work of real, honest, no holds barred, in-the-trenches information from someone who has been actively involved as a competitive bodybuilder, prep coach and gym owner for the last 25 years plus, this book will give it to you straight in 200+ A4 pages jam-packed with useable anabolic insight, colour photographs, graphs and charts to expand and clarify your understanding.

This is my 3rd book on this subject matter and I believe it to be my best work to date. I thought of every question I ever asked on my journey to where I am at now as a respected authority on a sometimes disrespected topic, and put the answers down on paper for the wiser of you out there to share with me.”

Chris Wormley


Mozz Felstead
I’ve known Chris a few years now and even at my level he’s still my ‘go-to guru’ if I have any technical questions or problems during contest or off-season prep…especially with my particular health concerns. Putting his knowledge into the pages of a book is worrying to me as it could level the playing field with my competitors now if they buy this! If you are serious about your muscle-building endeavours you would be INSANE if you didn’t take advantage of this encyclopedia of HONEST bodybuilding information

Mozz Felstead
Mr Yorkshire, Mr Central Britain, Mr North East, Mr England, Mr Britain, Mr Universe

Becky Williamson, Bodybuilder
There are plenty of prep coaches out there who add slabs of muscle to the girls in their ‘stables’…but at what cost? Chris is of the belief that ladies in this sport should remain feminine AT ALL COSTS, whilst still building a lean figure to die for. This book takes an honest approach to ladies muscle-building without having to sacrifice female beauty. Ladies, if you want to do it RIGHT and SAFELY… get this book.

Becky Williamson
Miss Wigan, Miss North West, Miss North East, Miss Yorkshire, Miss Britain

Kuba Cielen, Bodybuilder
I only started working with Chris last year and if he can turn a fat mess (yeah, me) in 16 weeks into a Junior Mr Britain AT THE FIRST ATTEMPT, I think it goes to show how much knowledge this guy has. He is currently helping me to be my biggest and best off-season shape EVER in my bid to win the NABBA Junior Universe title at first try later this year. For me his book is worth its weight in gold due to him putting so many of the tips and tricks in there he uses on me, so I don’t have to keep pestering him in person!

Kuba Cielen
Teen North East, Teen Open Yorkshire, Teen UK, Teen Mr Britain, Junior North East, Junior Mr Britain, Junior Mr World 2nd

Louise Wormley, Bodybuilder
After opening our gym 7 years ago I won my first show at the age of 35 after only 12 months serious training under my husband Chris’s guidance. I’ll be honest and state that I don’t lead a typical female figure athletes lifestyle year round as I’m a busy Mum of two and enjoy that typical life. However, when my competitive fires burn I know that each time Chris will whip me into show winning shape in record time. He’s poured every ounce of his knowledge into this book over the last 7 years of its writing…don’t miss out on something that might take you to the next level in this crazy sport.

Louise Wormley
Miss Yorkshire, Miss North East, Miss Britain 3rd, Miss British Classic, Miss Universe Competitor, Proud wife of author

Daniel Luke, Bodybuilder
Since starting my competitive career as a fitness model, turned muscle model my knowledge on nutrition and training has only excelled after meeting Chris. Not only has he helped transform my physique but he has also given me the foundations I needed in order to progress to a pro athlete! I cannot speak highly enough of this book.

Daniel Luke
WBFF Fitness Pro

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