Various Steroid Presentations

Injectable administration

Most injectable steroids are normally injected intramuscularly (in a muscle, or IM), rather than intravenously (in a vein, or IV), or subcutaneously (under the skin, or subQ). But, the IM injections normally take one of 2 forms:-

  • Base drug suspensions
  • Steroid ester suspensions/solutions

Base drug suspensions

These injectables are basically ground up base drugs such as STANOZOLOLMETHANDROSTENELONE (DIANABOL™)OXYMETHELONE, and testosterone, even though other drugs do turn up as suspensions from time to time.

Most suspensions are in sterile water (like WINSTROL DEPOT™[stanozolol] and AQUEOUS TESTOSTERONE, but some (like methandrostenelone and oxymethelone), can be found as oil based suspensions as well. The pure water based suspensions are most always single use ampoules meant to be injected in entirety, or partially, and the remainder thrown away. This is because water based suspensions do no have anti-bacteriostatic agents (such as benzyl alcoholBA) included to kill any germs which may be introduced. The simple reason the water based items do no contain the anti-bacs is because they do not mix with the water; alcohol and water do not mix.

With the oil based suspensions, these normally come in multiple use vials because they can have anti-bacterial agents included as the oil will mix with alcohol. So, any ‘bugs’ introduced into the vials (from dirty needles or contaminants on the vials rubber membrane surface), will be destroyed by the inherent ‘cleaner’.

There are some underground steroid producers that have gone with water based multiple use vials (10mls+), with drugs like stanozolol, against common sense. Obviously these vials do not contain anti-bacterials (for the reasons given above), and so are a potential health risk as they can become a breeding ground for any introduced pathogens. This very thing happened with one of my gym members who was injecting his deltoids on an every other day basis with 2mls per shot of an underground multiple use vial of water based stanozolol. Probably not from the original contents being contaminated, but more from unsterile injection technique, the fellow in question ended up with a septic abscess in one of his rear deltoids, which had to be surgically removed. Not only did this poor chap have the abscess removed and a drain inserted for the next two months, but they had to remove over 50% of the muscle from the deltoid in question, leaving him obviously disfigured, forever ruining his chances in bodybuilding competition…lesson learned.

Just one other thing though, the oil based suspensions like methandrostenelone and oxymethelone might be better sterility-wise, but they must contain so much BA (which also keeps the base drug in solution), that the subsequent injection site pain is incredible, due to the destruction of localized muscle tissue that the BA causes. This post injection pain was so bad, that the 8ml of Apex Stanoil (oil based stanozolol at high dosage), that was left in the vial after I had two injections ended up being thrown with great gusto over my back garden wall! I’m tight, so throwning gear away for me is unheard of, so this shows how bad the pain was for me.

Steroid Ester Solutions

Most of these injectables are dissolved in an oil base of sesame, arachis, or cottonseed oil (sesame being the most common), and sometimes ethyl oleate in the higher quality products out there. It is difficult if not impossible, for steroids to be fully dissolved in water, and is the main reason why oil based injectables are much more common.

Injectable steroids are generally considered to be much less harmful than their oral counterparts, as they do not have to go through the livers ‘first-pass’ detoxification process. This is because the steroid molecules in the injectable solution are absorbed into the bloodstream directly, via blood exchange at the injected muscle.

Another valid point is that oil based steroids stay in the system for longer periods of time as they dissipate slowly from the injection site due to their viscous nature (the oil base), and their esterified chemical structure.

ESTERIFICATION is the general name for a chemical reaction in which two reactants (typically an alcohol and an acid) form an ester as the reaction product. Talking anabolics though, esterification is normally the addition of a hydroxyl side chain at the C-17 position of the androgen molecule (be it testosterone, nandrolone, trenbolone, etc.). This ester can be any one of a number of esters such as propionate, acetate, di-propionate, cypionate, decanoate, enanthate, to name but a few. The length and structure of the ester determines the rate of enzymatic breakdown (and hydrolysis), to glean the base drug in its raw form (e.g. testosterone cypionate broken down to testosterone). Only when the androgen is in its raw form, can it exert its effect on the androgen receptor. These are the general rates of breakdown to base drug for different esters:


FORMATE 1.5 days
ACETATE 3 days
VALERATE 7.5 days
HEPTANOATE 10.5 days
ENANTHATE 10.5 days
NONANOATE 13.5 days

So, as you can see, this means that injectables may be taken as little as weekly or fortnightly, whereas water based need to be injected every day or every other day, and orals taken daily or twice daily for best results.

Injectables do have some disadvantages however. They can in some instances be more toxic to the kidneys and other organs than their oral counterparts, especially when taken in higher than ‘usual’ dosages. Also, injectables mean just that, they must be injected. We’ll cover injection procedures in detail in a subsequent chapter.

Injectables can be packaged in a number of ways. They can be contained in MULTIPLE-USE VIALS, which are usually 2 cc or l0 cc containers, having a rubber bung encapsulated by a crimped metal ring at one end. Examples of multiple-use vials are seen with some versions of BOLDENONE UNDECYLENATENANDROLONE DECANOATE, and numerous others. These containers are termed multiple-use, because a needle can be pushed through the rubber membrane repeatedly without contamination of the contents, provided that sterile injectable procedures are followed (again, see later).

Injectables are also presented in glass ampoules, which have a narrow neck, enabling the top to be snapped off with greater ease, enabling the contents to be then drawn up into a syringe, such as with ampoules of SUSTANON™ and TESTOVIRON™. Some of these ampoules even come with a tiny glass saw to help score the neck so aiding in the snap-off process, as with the now discontinued, PARABOLAN™.

Injectables have been known to come in fancy pre-loaded syringes, with the drug already contained within The only steroids I have ever seen in this form are PRIMOBOLAN DEPOT, and SUSTANON. Watch out for these pre-loads though, since they have a needle on them that really is thick enough to penetrate a rhino’s backside. The best thing to do in this case is to transfer the contents into your own syringe case, fitted with a needle of smaller gauge. Pharma grade Pre-loads always go for TOP MONEY!

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